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Offline– (adv) When used in this context “… let’s talk about that offline.”    Meaning to discuss privately.

In a sentence:

My computer was offline yesterday and I didn’t get my panties in a bunch, but when my colleague asked to discuss the next steps offline and didn’t show up, I got really pissed.

Justification for hate:

No one ever meets up offline.  It’s a way to say, in bizspeak, “You aren’t important enough to finish this conversation at this time.”


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It’s broken.

Preface:  I bitch about work a lot.  I have a tag called “work sucks” and no tag for “work is awesome.”  I’m fairly certain I don’t have to explain this to you–individuals who are gainfully employed.  I will assume most of my readers are or have been.  That’s just how life is.  If I didn’t have a job, I’d bitch about that-I know this is true.

The Story: So today I had to program the computer to invert these two things.  We’ll call these things grocery orders even though that’s not what they were.

So grocery order 2 was being filled at the same time grocery order 1 was checking out.  Cashier, being our computer program, couldn’t figure out how to do two separate tasks, however it could complete grocery order 2 then grocery order 1 instead.  So I swapped their order.  well, I thought I doubled checked my work but the software decided that it was just going to say fuck it to customer 1 and run customer 2 when it felt like it.  So 1 didn’t get done at all and 2 wasn’t when i wanted it to be, it was 30 minutes later.

It was bad weather today and it took me so long to get home that I could not fix the problem before it would fix itself, so I just came home and had a beer.

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I did it again. I set a goal to lay out an editorial calendar for this blog similar to this guy and I’ve failed to do so. Mostly because I was told to develop an editorial calendar for work and now I don’t want to do it at home too.

It’s creating the feeling that I can’t  escape my job when it’s over.   It’s ridiculous. The number of calls I get from work, about work, for work;  the time of day they come in…

I got a call at 5:50 am for school closures. It’s very important information, my job is so important that I can’t even leave work 30 minutes early to  beat the snow without being asked “What is going on with [you]?”

I recently decided that I would be more in the present.  At work, at home, I was not going to imagine my beautiful future in six months (news on that forthcoming).  I would complete what needs and should be done right, right now.   I’m such a contrarian that now that I’ve been told to do so, I am not going to be capable of it.

Perhaps that’s an excuse, or perhaps I should be allowed to do my job as I see fit without fear of the shower of criticism that follows.  Will it take a direct course or will it be about a hundred tiny little things unrelated to a real problem?

Oh yeah, I’m blogging about my job.  And I like it.

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