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Somehow, in 400 years, perhaps sooner, the phrase, “The King is Dead, Long Live the King.” will be gone.  No one will want to use it for royalty or musicians.  It won’t be relevant or make sense.  It won’t be interesting.  It will be rote (already is).

Instead, I think people will say something like, “Post published.  View Post.”

Whenever I hit “publish” on this WordPress Blog, I can edit it, I can sort of delete it, but it’s not really in my control.  Someone may have seen as soon as it published it or it could have been archived as soon as it hit the server.  The original intention, if it was snarky or vulnerable or uninteresting, has most likely already been exposed.

As the internet caches more and more of my original comments and original mistakes, I can see a world where “view post” will be my only option as the deed as already been recorded.

Post Published.  View Post.


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