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My workspace is being overrun by mice.  These mice are taking over for the spiders which seem to have vanished.

I don’t care one way or another for mice, however in the Southwestern United States, I do have to be careful about catching Hanta Virus from their droppings.

I shouldn’t, but I’m panicking a bit.  This work environment has been particularly toxic to me with mold, dirt, &  filthy filthy.  I’m considering dumping a handful of Prozac into a jar of Skippy(r) and leaving it underneath the crawlspace.

If the rats don’t OD, maybe they will wander out into public with fuzzy brains and get eaten by some of these starving Bald Eagles and lonesome coyotes (wearing little red bandannas, naturally).


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Yesterday, I drove around my block twice to avoid talking to my elderly neighbor.   The first time she was getting out of the car and bringing her purse into the house.  The second time I drove by, she was walking to her mailbox which put her even closer to my drive.  I’m slightly ashamed and slightly proud.  Do other people so frequently go to such great lengths to avoid looking at or speaking to someone?

I have chatted with her on many occasions, but yesterdday it sounded like it would just put me over the top.   I have a backlog of really shitty half-drinky blog posts mostly ready to roll.  Before, (before what?) I would have just let them go, into the wild.  It’s like I’m self-editing before I get the chance to say it.  Avoiding the neighbors, avoiding blogging, avoiding exercise.   They seem related, but I can think of a different reason I avoid each one.

I am not sure if this is me growing up and being more honest about my self-censorship or if there is a real skill that i’m losing, lost or never had.   It could also be a generational thing, or a medicational thing, or maybe I was sleepy.  I don’t recall my parents ever doing such a thing, even if they were tired, however.

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Phantom Saved Posts

Every so often, I’ll log into my account and discover that I have begun a post that I do not remember.  This is made even more discouraging as this loss of memory seems to be infiltrating sober days and sober nights.  The blog in question has a time stamp from I time & day I know I wasn’t drinking.    Thus, I’m not forgetting because I was drinking. This would be a reasonable excuse, or so it seems.   I’m forgetting for some other reason.

What is up with my fuzzy mind?

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