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Confession: I’ve been playing Wii Fit.

I have lots of excuses for this, such as:

  • It’s been impossible to get outside without sinking 3 feet into viscous mud….
  • It’s fun…
  • Everyone else is doing it…

But the reasons I’m playing aren’t the point.  The point is that I’m terrible at most of the exercises.  They rank your performance with a series of stars.  1 means “You really suck and must not have tried.   4 stars means “You probably shouldn’t be using a Wii Fit.”

I consistently score 1 star.  On almost everything.  Except this one thing.

It’s a sitting challenge.  Yeah, you sit still for 5 minutes and watch the candle burn.  Frogs croak, footsteps sound, birds call and moths fly by, eventually bursting into flames.

I got four stars at this “challenge.”  I am at Pro level for sitting still.  Yay.


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This morning I dreamed that I woke up, turned off my heater, turned off the humidifier, got dressed, fed the cats. Before I left for work, I removed the heater from a painting into which it had fallen. (It is one of those plug in radiator models.)

Shortly afterwards, I actually woke up, turned off my heater, turned off the humidifier, got dressed and fed the cats.

There was no painting from which to remove the heater. I went to work.

It was a painting of clowns.  In my dream.

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On Thursdays, I tell you a little more about myself, by sharing my interests so that you can become Part of the Precipitate.

This week: The ManKind Project.

I am obsessed.  Question in the comments and I’ll explain.

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