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Sometimes I take herbal supplements to help me sleep.  I decided that I didn’t want to take melatonin anymore, because it made me have very strange nightmares.  The naked in public kind.  Not the getting murdered by Satan kind.

So last night I decided to regulate my sleep with some Valerian.  I had a dream.

In this dream, I was a passive observer, as if it were a movie.  The noble lord of the sea, who happened to look a bit like a sea monkey father, needed to move his sea denizens (mostly bottom feeders like starfish, mussels, and squid) before the water receded.

See image left for sea monkey father.

So to make a long, somewhat boring dream short.  It turns out the only way for all the sea creatures to have enough energy to migrate would be to eat their own dead and dying.  But they didn’t have a sushi chef.

In my dream, I was a sushi chef. So they picked out of the audience to help them make ocean cannibal sushi.

Everything was prepared: my workspace, the dead or dying creatures in a bucket next to me, rice done and nori on the mat when the noble advisors to sea monkey dad decided to step in.  They were really mad about the pr they were getting from this whole “eating their own dead thing.”  They wanted me to come up with something else.  They didn’t have a sushi chef, but they brought in their human chef.

And you know what, friend?  I didn’t have a machete.


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