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It was only a 30 minute jaunt for me to get to the lil’ Indie Punk dining/drinking establishment in downtown ABQ known as the Blackbird Buvette.  I could have been faster if I hadn”t decided to wear impractical shoes.

My new neighborhood is fairly awesome.  I saw no other pedestrians on my jaunt, but plenty of dog turds baked in the incredibly hot, dry southwestern sun.  I didn’t really see them, I usually kicked them first.  They would give a little jingle clink like the dropping sound made by a low-fire ceramic, the kind you probably made in art class before they cut the budget for propane and art teachers.  The shape of many of these porcelain poos led me to determine that this is the kind of  place where sun-baked dog turds are crushed under the knobby tires of $2000 mountain bikes.

Welcome home.


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