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I recently had the opportunity to meet someone on the internet.  Well, I didn’t meet her, she was someone I took a class under and knew a bit of her, but had since let that time fizzle away to a slightly bored memory…  Until recently.

This is a pretty funny line from a Twitterer who attended a Film Festival in my old stomping grounds.  I’ve been following the twitter tags religiously to see which movies to choose to Netflix.   I had to find out if I knew the Q & Aer.  I got digging into some twitter feeds to see if anyone had identified them.  Someone else did.   I knew them!  It was an old Prof.  She has a blog.

Someone had already brought that to her attention. I laughed.  Before she read my very insightful blog about how things you post on the internet are on the internet forever, she got pretty defensive. I responded back.  I don’t think she’s going to publish it, because, again, she’s very defensive… except when she’s saying something silly in a room full of well-connected individuals, or on her rambly blog,  then she’ll say any old thing.

Well… Whoa, a couple days away and this…

First, this will help.  I’m not sure you understood that.

Second, tl;dr, I must concede.  If I wanted a biting movie critique, I would read the NY Times, a Salon feature, or hell even TIME can pull together enough clever individuals to screw in a light bulb.

If you still had the capacity to learn, you would consider this episode an excellent opportunity for a new lesson.

You have exposed yourself in several public fora (Crowded Theater-Some guy’s follow up(sic!) on Twitter-Now your own personal blog) to be reactionary, defensive and ill-prepared.  It’s corroborated by your Rate my Professor scores.  Instead of illustrating with a link, I must spell this out.  You don’t score badly because of the challenge of your coursework or high expectations. No, your scores are low because you are unprepared, disagreeable, and fail to teach beyond a text that you can’t seem to manage.  You seem to inspire apathy, even from me.  I usually love a good internet disagreement.

I don’t need my self validated so I don’t put a name to my work.  I live tongue in cheek.  My navel-gazing isn’t based on a need to correct others assumptions of me–in fact, I hope for misconception, it means I’ve made someone imagine something.  Imagine that!  I don’t cast about airs of intelligentsia I can’t cash, to mix my metaphors.

You’ve effectively put your name on the internet to this work, these comments, these reviews to validate yourself and correct detractors but I feel quite confirmed in my assumptions of you and don’t need to dig any deeper.

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At the end of the day, dear reader.  I’m just tired of feeling obligated to teach people about their image on the internet.  Some of what I said was harsh, some of it was untrue ( I love validation!  Buy me presents!  Tell me I’m oh so good! Give me an A! ). But really now.  University of Missouri’s AHA departmental reputation has fallen with the revenues going towards professors.  That makes Hornbeck a victim here.  So, go lavish her with some pity.  She would like some.


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